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  • Why is the Payment status on my customers order marked as "Pending"?

    As you know the seller is responsible for collecting payments and shipping orders. Once you have collected the payment and shipped the order you need to do the following:

    1.) Go to the "Orders -> Order Listings" Section

    2.) At the bottom of the order you will find a "Fulfill" button, click this button.

    3.) Enter any relevant tracking and shipping information then click "Fulfill".

    After you have done this process the Collective platform will send the seller an update notice which will include both the tracking information and a receipt for their order. The customer will have the ability to continue to receive tracking updates and even delivery notice alerts!

    The Status of the order will change to "Paid" and "Fulfilled".



  • How do I find my Store URL, so customers can view my store directly?

    To preview your Store and Profile click the "View Profile" button on the top right menu bar. Its right next door to where you found this FAQ! :-)

    Here you can preview what your store looks like to others. The URL in the address bar of your browser is your Store address. This is the same link or address that you can share with the world to promote your products!

    It will be in this format:



  • How do I add different sizes and prices to my product listings? (Variants)

    In order to make a variant of single product such as for different sizes, colors, prices. You will use the "variant" function when adding your products.



     1.) Click "Add Variant"


    Now it will ask you how you want to name your Variant. Lets call this one "Size":


    2.) Now you need to add ALL the sizes you want in the "option value" field. After entering your Size, press the "Tab" key on your keyboard after each size to begin entering another.

    You can see I have not pressed "TAB" yet after the 28G entry.


    3.) Now we need to assign different prices to each Size. But you need to save your product first, click "Save Changes".


    All your "Variants" will now be individually displayed and individually editable:


    You can now assign different prices, images, shipping weights, different SKU's, track inventory separately, etc.


    If you click the "Edit Details button at the top right of the variant section you can edit all your variants in bulk!